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 Girl Painting with Brush

Rooshy Art Studio believes that real art is the result of talent, education, and emotions. We are proud to have students from different cultures in our classes. Our education program is suitable for adults and children starting at 5 years old


The education program is delivered by Rooshy as the principal professional artist. The program includes acrylic & oil painting, charcoal drawing, and watercolors. In each class, students will learn a wide range of techniques from basic to advance to progressively develop their talents and enhance their technical art skills beyond expectations. 


All of our sessions are activity-based and give students the opportunity to participate and learn through practice. Students of the same skill level and age group will be attending a class that is run by each student’s own schedule and projects.

Painting Equipments


4 Classes per month / 60 min per class

Basic practical drawing skills. Various applications of different artistic paints and materials.

$140CAD / month

Group Classes 

$180CAD / month

Private / Adult Classes



4 Classes per month / 60 min per class

Realistic acrylic painting and charcoal drawing.

$200CAD / month

Group Classes 

$240CAD / month

Private / Adult Classes

Still Life Oil Painting


4 Classes per month / 60 min per class

More in-depth and confidence in acrylic & oil painting and artistic foundation.

$260CAD / month

Group Classes 

$300CAD / month

Private / Adult Classes

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beginner level

  • Visual Arts & Design

  • Elements & Principles of Design

  • Drawing Fundamentals

  • Acrylic Painting Fundamentals

  • Watercolor Techniques

  • Brushwork Techniques

  • Drawing with Mixed Media

  • Sketching Basics

  • Characteristics of Line, Shapes, Texture, Color and space

  • Realistic Acrylic Painting 

  • Abstract Acrylic Painting

  • Realistic Drawing

  • Charcoal Drawing

  • Portrait Drawing

  • Figure Drawing

  • Still Life Drawing

professional level

  • Portrait Painting

  • Figure Painting

  • Bone & Muscle Structure

  • Flesh Tones Through Layers

  • Architectural Drawing

  • Contemporary Thematic Development

intermediate level

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Student Registration Request Form 
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*Terms & Conditions:

Classroom Structure:

  • Group classes are only available for students aged 5-15 years old. Classes for students who are 16 years and older are held one-to-one.  

  • The classes are run on a fixed weekly schedule with a minimum of 4 classes per month.

  • The class duration is one hour.

  • Online classes are held live via the Google Meet application. Students will receive a meeting link and be admitted to the class on time.

  • Students are required to bring art supplies including canvas, paints, and sketchbooks. 

Registration, Fees & Payment:

  • We will contact you via email/text message or call to confirm availability.

  • There are no registration fees required at the time of registration.

  • Advance monthly payments are accepted via e-transfer prior to the first class of every 4 classes. 

  • Class by class or deferred payments are not accepted.


Absence & Make-up Classes:

  • A make-up class will be offered at no charge for absence with 24 hours' notice, and/or if the class cancellation was made by the studio.

  • The class will be fully paid for absence without notice, and the student's spot will be canceled after 3 consecutive absences without notice.

  • For discontinuation of classes, a full refund will be provided after deduction of the outstanding amounts from the current month's balance. 

General rules:

  • Classes are usually back to back, so please respect the class start and end time.

  • Due to the use of paints, students’ clothes may get damaged or dirty during the class so working clothes or aprons will be needed. We do not take any responsibility for the damaged clothes.

  • Food and beverages consumption is not permitted during the in-person class unless taken for medical or health conditions.

  • Our art programs do not contain any religious, political, nudity, or other culturally rejected symbols.

  • We do not sell art supplies, and/or promote selling our student's artwork.

  • Parents & students are encouraged to follow our social media accounts. By agreeing to these terms, parents hereby provide consent for sharing photos or videos of their student’s artwork on Rooshy Art Studio's official website and/or social media pages.  

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